Tag: thundering lions


  • Murcia

    Leader of the Thundering Lions Mercenary Guild. She is loud, boisterous and friendly with nearly everyone. Known as "the Thunderer" equally for her personality and fighting style. Always seen wielding or carrying her enchanted lightning war hammer. …

  • Severus

    Lt. Commander of the Thundering Lions Mercenary Guild and Leader of the Scouts. Older brother to the [[:murcia | Commander]], he is quiet and straight forward. However, he has an uncanny knack of knowing where to go and what to do and therefore many go …

  • Leo

    Known as "the Typhoon" despite his advanced years. He is a very capable swordsman and and excellent, if stern, teacher. As such, he spends most of his days running drills and providing weapons training to his guild mates.

  • Jorda

    Known as "the Forge" among her guildmates, Jorda is in charge of requisitions, armory and running the forges. She is a very busy woman, and tends to delegate most of the quartermaster duties to her underling [[:gordon | Gordon]].

  • Lavar

    Lavar is an aging Elven mage that specialises in Creation Magic and more mundane healing. He also comes from the Circle of Mages in Cumberland, so has access to magical goods. Mostly potions and the like. He also has taken on the duties of keeping the …

  • Gordon

    Jorda's much harried assistant. Gordon is very busy and lets everyone who asks (and doesn't ask) know it. He tends to be delegated to do anything Jorda doesn't have time for, which if you ask him is everything other than swinging her hammer.

  • Rasha

    A large, friendly Qunari Warrior. Rarely seen without his hammer, and would prefer to be either drinking or fighting (or both if it was allowed). If on a job, his twin sister, [[:sara | Sara]], is not far away.

  • Sara

    A rarity in southern Thedas, Sara is a quarni female mage and twin to [[:rasha | Rasha]] At the guild hall she can usually be seen conversing and learning from [[:lavar | Lavar]] in the ways of a Healer. However, she has been trained from early age as a …