Ghurnest Faln

Hidden identity, catastrophic secret, subtly mysterious


Ghurnest travels the world covered in sashes and rags. None care much to talk to him, except people of the night. Pledged to defend the world from darkness Ghurnest carries a secret darker than most would care to know about. A secret no one should ever know about.

Ghurnest was once a protector of a young mage, until one day that mage disappeared and returned as a demon. Not many know the outcome of such an endeavor when it does erupt, but it didn’t end pretty. As far as the mind goes Ghurnest’s has been stretched a bit thin.

With no mage companion to protect anymore the world is Ghurnest’s oyster. Sword at the ready he hastens the rural nations with mercenary work. Travel is the best option and no horizon is too far off.


Born to a Martho and Sedliana Faln, Ghurnest was the youngest of three brothers. Martho II died of a mouth infection at the age of 9. Bilknor died in the Battle of Hallmark, aged 27. Martho would succumb to madness and retired himself off a cliff at the ripe age of 59. Sedliana lives comfortably in a rural farmhouse, as far from a city as possible. She tills and farms her land with the help of a neighbors daughter. She is 63 and Ghurnest visits when he can.

Ghurnest Faln would come to service at the age of 18, seeing a war and several battles before being inducted to knighthood.


Ghurnest Faln

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